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District Party Secretary Ai Chun and District Chief Zhao Lihua came to our factory for Spring Festival condolences
Feb 03, 2019
On the morning of February 3, 2019, the leaders of Tangshan Fengnan Economic Development Zone came to Hebei Huatong Cable Group to express their condolences to the front-line employees who were still staying on the job when the Spring Festival was approaching.
In the production workshop of our company, the leaders had a cordial conversation with Zhang Shujun, general manager of Huatong Group, and sent cordial greetings and blessings to the front-line employees on behalf of the district party committee and district government. And detailed understanding of the Spring Festival during the enterprise safety production, on duty and other work arrangements.
On behalf of all the employees, Zhang Shujun, the general manager of Huatong Group, expressed his sincere thanks to the superior leaders for their condolences and care!
Huatong Group always adheres to its original intention, pays attention to product quality, pays attention to employee development, insists on independent research and development of new products, and serves the country with industry. The company regards "hundred years enterprise" as the goal of striving to help Chinese manufacturing and promote the great development of the national cable industry.

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