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Our company and Fengnan Development Zone Management Committee held a basketball friendly match
Apr 24, 2017
In order to promote the exchange between our company and the management committee of Fengnan Economic Development Zone, further promote the cooperation between government and enterprises, and at the same time enhance the friendship and teamwork among our employees, on April 22, our company conducted a Basketball friendly game.
Our company and Fengnan Development Zone Management Committee held a basketball friendly match
This game is held in our company's basketball court based on the principle of "friendliness first, competition second". Basketball enthusiasts from various departments and workshops of the company responded positively and signed up for this basketball game. The competition is held in April, when spring is blooming and everything is recovering. Although it is a temporary team, our team still cooperates with each other. With clever passing, gorgeous turns, wonderful shots, and perfect cooperation, they have won applause from the audience. In the end, our company won the competition with two wins and one draw. Although the development zone team lost this game, they said that they should continue to practice and exercise after returning, and they must achieve good results in the next game. This competition has enriched the amateur sports life of our company employees, ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of employees to exercise and devote themselves to sports, reflected the company's entrepreneurial spirit of cultivating the comprehensive quality of employees, and enhanced the friendship and unity among employees The spirit of the company achieved the expected results. The outstanding performance of the employees on the field showed everyone the vibrant youthfulness of Huatong employees.
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