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Huatong Cable was honoured as an advanced unit with outstanding contribution to high-quality development in 2023
Feb 23, 2024
On 19 February 2024, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, held a meeting on optimising the business environment and promoting high-quality development. The main task is to adhere to Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as a guide, to create a better Chinese-style modernisation of the Fengnan chapter to lay a solid foundation. The company won the two heavyweight awards of "Outstanding Contribution to Tax Payment Award" and "Outstanding Industrial Leading Enterprise", meanwhile, the company as the only typical science and technology innovation enterprise in Fengnan District spoke at the conference.

The company will conscientiously implement the spirit of this meeting, first, continue to promote innovation and development, focusing on promoting the industrialisation of deep-sea oil and gas equipment cable, silicon nitride ceramic substrate industry and other projects; second, adhere to the simultaneous development of information technology, improve the Huatong Easy Cable information platform, the integration of the two as a positioning point, promote green integration, to create a whole production chain of energy-saving and efficient mode of operation; third, adhere to the opening up of the outside world, plans to set up factories in South America. Thirdly, we insist on opening up to the outside world, plan to set up a factory in South America, continue to promote "Made in China", and seek a broader development space along the direction of the national "Belt and Road" initiative.

In the new year, the company will always adhere to the high-quality development, in the way of transformation, adjustment of structure, quality and efficiency, to make due contribution to the economic recovery of the whole region, and endeavour to the district party committee and the district government to hand over a satisfactory answer!
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