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Team Leader Comprehensive Management Skills Enhancement Training Successfully Implemented
Nov 13, 2023
In order to improve the skill level of first-line team leaders and master the "Huawei style" team leader management skills and core skills, Huatong Cable Group invited Mr. Song Xi to carry out a two-day in-house training from November 11th to 12th.

At the beginning of the training, Zhang Shujun, general manager of Huatong Cable Group, made a speech, expressing a warm welcome to Mr. Song Xi's arrival, and put forward high expectations for the training: the development of enterprises, we need to break through our horizons and thinking, the outside world is very exciting, and there are a lot of companies that do better than us.The company has a long way to go in the future, so everyone should relax and study hard.

On the course, Mr. Song Xi from the Huawei team wolf culture construction, understanding Huawei management and culture, Huawei team daily management ability to build, Huawei team on-site management ability training, Huawei team leader innovation and improvement of the management of the five aspects of the quality of the team leader needs to have, the work attitude, communication skills and so on carried out a patient and meticulous, good and seductive explanation, and combined with the case of the interaction with the trainees, so that the participants in a relaxed and pleasant teaching environment to master more than With the combination of cases and interaction with the participants, the trainees can master more knowledge and skills of team site management, workshop management and production management in a relaxing and enjoyable teaching environment.

The team leader is the direct commander and organizer of team management. The comprehensive quality of the team leader directly affects the product quality, production efficiency, cost consumption, safety and stability of the team, which will ultimately directly or indirectly affect the company's profits. Therefore, the team leader must have excellent ability and comprehensive knowledge structure to better lead the team. This training not only let the trainees "learn knowledge, grow talents and learn management", but also provided support for the team leader to better play the role of "locomotive".

We hope that all the trainees can apply what they have learned in the future work of the team, continue to improve the management level of the team, create a high awareness, high performance, high-quality workforce, and combine the spirit of "Huawei" with the reality of Huatong Cable Group to create more "Huawei-style" team leaders, and contribute to the development of Huawei-style team leaders. Huawei" spirit with the actual combination of Huatong Cable Group, to create more "Huawei-style" team leader, to contribute to the future development of the company!

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