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The 11th Military Training Performance
Nov 04, 2023
Huatong Cable Group's eleventh military training performance was held in front of the office building, the company's general manager Zhang Shujun, executive deputy general manager Zhang Baolong, deputy general manager Cheng Wei, Ge Xiaoyang, Luo Xiaoyu, chief engineer Li Hongzhang, the subsidiary company Xindan Science and Technology, general manager Fu Changkun attended the event.

The performance opened in the morning sunshine, the national flag was slowly raised with the national anthem.

They are strong-willed in the wind and sun. Cui Jianbo, Yang Yingxin, Shi Muran, Wang Di, Li Bo, Feng Xingcai, Wang Zhen, Wang Longchao, Zhang Fuyuan, Li Lili, Zhai Hui, Xiao Ying, a total of 12 comrades won the "Huatong Cable 11th Military Training Pacesetter" title. Company leaders for the military training pacesetter issued a certificate of honour and medals.

The company held a military training activities, in order to refine the implementation of the spirit of teamwork and teamwork, everyone's feelings about the military training and the understanding of the action is not the same, just like a thousand people have a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of one thousand people, the individual has a personal feeling, I hope that we all through the training will be able to gain, and that's the most important thing!
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