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The Output Value of Huatong Plastic Insulated Cable Workshop Reached a New High in July
Aug 28, 2021
In the past few days, the heat has been fumigated. The high temperature weather has brought many challenges to production. However, the production efficiency of the plastic insulated cable workshop did not decrease but increased in July. All employees overcame many difficulties and carried forward the Olympic spirit, achieving good results. Under the leadership of Xiaoyang Ge, deputy general manager, and Hongrui Ma, director of the production management department, all members of the plastic insulated cable workshop carried out safe, high-quality, and efficient production with the full support of various departments, completed an output value of 85.43 million yuan, and created a plastic insulated cable workshop record high, refreshing the efficiency of Huatong!
The Output Value of Huatong Plastic Insulated Cable Workshop Reached a New High
In order to encourage the employees to make persistent efforts, the leaders of the group decided to commend all the staff in the plastic insulated cable workshop and distribute 5L of edible oil per person as a reward. Deputy General Manager Xiaoyang Ge said that the creation of this high output value is inseparable from the mutual cooperation of each employee. Only with efficient cooperation can the entire collective play a role of 1+1 greater than 2.
After the workshop staff received the prizes, their faces were filled with happiness, and they all expressed that they would not disappoint the love of the leaders, and would devote themselves to the future work with more full working conditions and work enthusiasm, and make their own efforts for the future of the plastic cable workshop ! Contribute to the development of Huatong!
It is hoped that all departments and workshops can learn from the plastic insulated cable workshop, improve production efficiency and work efficiency, and jointly help Huatong achieve new heights in profitability, making everyone richer and their smiles brighter!
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