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(N)TMCGETMPU 6/10 kV to 14/25 kV Three Conductor Round Portable Trailing Cable
(N)TMCGETMPU 6/10 kV to 14/25 kV Three Conductor Round Portable Trailing Cable
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(N)TMCGETMPU 6/10 kV to 14/25 kV Three Conductor Round Portable Trailing Cable
(N)TMCGETMPU 6/10 kV to 14/25 kV Three Conductor Round Portable Trailing Cable
In surface and underground mines, quarries and industrial areas for connection of heavy mobile equipment such as shovels, drag lines, continuous miners, cutting and loading machines, dredges, drills, and other track equipment. For operation in extreme conditions where high mechanical stress is involved, in particular high tensile and abrasion stress. For operation in continuous reeling/unreeling applications where heavy mobile equipment is supplied with electrical power by using cable reels.
Based on IEC 60502, VDE 0250 part 813, IEC 6022
Excellent flexibility.
Highly ozone and weather resistant.
Excellent impact and abrasion resistant.
Oil and heat resistant.
Maximum conductor operating temperature: 90℃.
Maximum short-circuit current temperature: 200℃.
Rated and flexible at -30℃.
Medium Voltage
Medium Voltage
Working Temperature 90℃
Working Temperature 90℃
Oil Resistance
Oil Resistance
Finely stranded tinned copper, flexible, class 5 in accordance with IEC 60228
Conductor shield:
Semi-conducting layer over the conductor
Special thermosetting Ethylene-Propylene Rubber (EPR). High electrical, mechanical and temperature properties; quality better than type 3GI3 according to DIN VDE 0207, Part 20
Insulation shield:
Semi-conducting strippable layer
Ground check conducto:
Annealed tin coated copper in accordance with IEC 60228. Polypropylene insulation , yellow color
Grounding conductor (Earth):
Tinned copper conductor, flexible, finely stranded
Three power, ground check and two grounding conductors cabled together. Semi-conducting binder tape applied overall. Integral filled jacket for higher torsion resistance.
Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) compound, for extra heavy usage, oil resistant, very highly abrasion and very highly tear resistant
Colour of jacket:
Yellow. Other colours can be provided.
Number and cross- section of power
+ grounding conductors
Power conductor stranding Grounding/Ground check conductor stranding Nominal insulation thickness Nominal jacket thickness Approximate overall diameter Maximum conductor resistance at 200C Ampacity at ambient temperature
Approximate weight of cable
mm2 N x mm N x mm mm mm mm Ω/km A kg/km
6/10 kV
3x70+2x35+1x35 514x0.4 254x0.4/254x0.4 3.4 5.5 54.3 0.277 250 5334
3x95+2x35+1x35 684x0.4 254x0.4/254x0.4 3.4 5.5 62.1 0.210 301 6701
3x120+2x50+1x35 870x0.4 364x0.4/254x0.4 3.4 5.5 65.8 0.164 352 7267
3x185+2x70+1x35 1325x0.4 514x0.4/254x0.4 3.4 5.5 75.1 0.108 461 10900
8.7/15 kV
3x70+2x35+1x35 514x0.4 254x0.4/254x0.4 4.5 5.5 62.7 0.277 265 5900
3x95+2x35+1x35 684x0.4 254x0.4/254x0.4 4.5 5.5 67.7 0.210 319 6900
3x120+2x50+1x35 870x0.4 364x0.4/254x0.4 4.5 5.5 71.7 0.164 371 8200
3x185+2x70+1x35 1325x0.4 514x0.4/254x0.4 4.5 5.5 76.2 0.108 488 11900
14/25 kV
3x70+2x35+1x35 514x0.4 254x0.4/254x0.4 6.8 5.5 69.2 0.277 265 7800
3x95+2x35+1x35 684x0.4 254x0.4/254x0.4 6.8 5.5 74.8 0.210 319 8800
3x120+2x50+1x35 870x0.4 364x0.4/254x0.4 6.8 5.5 77.8 0.164 371 9200
3x185+2x70+1x35 1325x0.4 514x0.4/254x0.4 6.8 5.5 85.8 0.108 488 13800
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