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Mining Cable And Rolling Cable
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Mining Cable And Rolling Cable
These cables are used for the connection of electrical equipment, in mines and underground excavations with hazardous environments under particularly high mechanical loads,e.g. high-voltage transformers on power lines in underground mining and tunnelling.
The superior crane cable designs offer high tensile strength, flexibility, perennial wear resistance, and unsurpassed mechanical and chemical properties.
In the mining industry, exposure to extensive abrasion, impact, vibration, tension, and cut-through are common causes for cable failure. Choosing a high-quality, high-performance mining cable, assembly, or accessory is critical.
Our mining, drilling and tunnelling cable products are designed to operate in some of the harshest environments on earth. Our cables are designed to withstand mechanical stress, oils, greases, water, even submersion. We supply mining cables capable of safely working in enclosed spaces, providing protection to people and the high-value equipment in the event of fire by emitting reduced smoke and fumes.
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