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Hebei Huatong Cable Continues to Climb in the Top 100 of Chinese Cable Industry
Sep 23, 2020
On September 22, 2020, at the 2020 annual industry conference held in Shanghai, the "Top 100 Most Competitive Cable Industry in China in 2020" was officially announced, and the ranking of Hebei Huatong Cable Group climbed to 23, which is higher than the ranking in 2019 7 places.
The selection of "The Most Competitive Enterprise in China's Cable Industry" is jointly sponsored by China Electric Wire and Cable Network and Cable Information Research Institute. It has been carried out for six consecutive years from 2014 to 2019. Continuously monitor the status quo and changing trends, and evaluate the competitiveness of cable companies and further explore the source of corporate competitiveness, so as to effectively promote the healthy and sustainable development of the cable industry, and improve cable manufacturing companies. The core competitiveness provides constructive opinions, and at the same time provides an effective reference for the government and central state-owned enterprises to tender and select suppliers.
The rise of this ranking marks the continuous improvement of the company's comprehensive strength, and once again inspires the hard-working Huatong people!
Top 100 Most Competitive Cable Industry in China
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