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Control Cable
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Control Cable
Control cable is a multi-conductor cable made for operation in control circuit, like for example controlling of valves or engines.
It is generally used to carry out on/off controlling signals like for example start/stop command. The nature of the type of the signal (on/off) do not require special precaution in terms of shielding and twisting of pairs, in fact the assembling of cores have a simple multi-core structure.
They are also known as multi-core cables, control flex and control flexible cables.
Depending on their construction properties, these flexible cables can be suitable for use under light, medium or high mechanical stresses. They also offer various degrees of protection against electrical interference and resistance to caustic substances and oils.
Control cables typically are shielded with a foil shield, braid shield or combination of the two. Flexibility is a concern when choosing a control cable. It is important to understand if the control cable will need to be flexible or if it will be continuously flexed. Cables that will be continuously flexed in process automation can require different constructions compared to a cable that simply needs to be flexible so that it can be routed in a product correctly and still function properly.
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