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LSZH Cable
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LSZH Cable
LSZH cable/wire refers to cables where the cable jacketing and insulation is made with materials that produce low/limited smoke and non-toxic halogens when exposed to fire or high temperatures. There is also low smoke cable and zero halogen cable / halogen free cable.
The low smoke zero halogen or Lszh cable curtails the load of poisonous fumes and reduces destructive gas discharged during ignition. An lszh wire is safer in a fire because it lowers the volume and thickness of the pollution. This makes escaping from a burning surrounding easier for human beings and enhances the safety of firefighters. Lszh cables are used in lowly ventilated areas, including airliners, railway freights, containers, ocean liners, seaward installations, submersibles or ships.
LSZH cables are offered in a multitude of constructions, including multi-paired, multi-conductor, and grounded.
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