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ESP and Tubing Cable
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ESP and Tubing Cable
Hebei Huatong ESP cables are two types of cables: submersible water pump cable and submersible oil pump cable.
Our ESP cables are offered as either a round design, which provides a high degree of flexibility and crushes resistance or a flat design, which is specified when there is a tight fit between casing and tubing. Both designs use proprietary insulating and jacketing compounds to make sure they offer superior performance and extended operating life in even the most hostile environment.
An electric submersible cable is mainly compounded by a cable conductor, insulation, jacket, braid & covering and armor. These cable compounds are for protection against corrosive fluids and severe environments.
Electrical Submersible Pump cable provide a reliable & cost-effective way to power this critical oil production equipment.To meet the demands of the operating environment, ESP cable features high temperature, high pressure resistance,high resistance to aggressive chemical environments,handling flexibility,ease of installation and maintenance.
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