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Medium Voltage Cable
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Medium Voltage Cable
Commonly referred to as MV cables, medium voltage cable solutions include but aren't limited to non-shielded and copper tape shielded type designs commonly found in many commercial and industrial applications.
Medium-voltage cables are mainly used to build weather-resistant networks and to improve the reliability of networks. The use of medium-voltage cables enables the transfer of power networks underground, which has proven to be a reliable method of avoiding any power failures caused by storms.
We offer a comprehensive range of Medium Voltage (MV) cables manufactured to various International Standards, British, European, including IEC 60502, BS6622. This British Standard sets out the specifications and required tests for single-core and three core armored cables with thermosetting insulation with a voltage rating ranging from 3.8/6.6kV up to 19/33kV. These cables are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 90oC for use in fixed installations including networks and industrial installations.
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